“I will not wash my husband’s dirty clothes” – Nigerian woman sparks controversy with firm stance on mon


A Nigerian woman named Mildred has stirred up a heated debate on Facebook after expressing her strong views on not giving her hard-earned money to her husband or performing traditional household chores for him.

The mother of three defended her stance, claiming that she had never cooked or washed her husband’s clothes even before they got married in 2008.

Her comments have drawn criticism from many, but she stood her ground, arguing that numerous women have taken on the role of the family’s breadwinner and resorted to wrong means  like “ashewo work” within their husbands’ homes to prove their worth as dutiful wives.

In her Facebook post, she boldly declared that while she might share business ideas with her husband and assist him if his business fails, she would not hand over her money to him.

She encouraged him to seek bank loans, as she had the authority to grant loans herself. She expressed her concern that merging finances could lead to unnecessary strain on their relationship

Furthermore, she emphasized her refusal to perform traditional household chores, stating that she would not subject herself to mental, psychological, or emotional stress for any man.

She highlighted the use of dry cleaning services and suggested that her husband take responsibility for washing and ironing his own clothes.

Her controversial statements have sparked discussions among social media users alike.

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