“I would prefer to marry a yam than marry you” – TV host criticizes Faith Morey over her cosmetic surgery (video)


A Nigerian media personality has publicly criticized reality TV star and supermodel Faith Morey for undergoing a cosmetic procedure.

Recall that Faith, in a recent interview with News Central, opened up about going under the knife to increase the size of her booobs.

She mentioned that she was a tomboy when she was little and didn’t have any breasts. Her involvement in sports, specifically basketball, also made it harder to develop breasts like her peers, which led to her decision to undergo plastic surgery.

 TV host criticizes

She also mentioned that she enjoys having larger breasts and likes showing them off because she invested a lot of money in the procedure. ICYMI, watch the interview video here

In reaction to this, a TV host on Galaxy TV condemned plastic surgery in general and stated that he would rather marry a yam than marry Faith Morey because she has undergone cosmetic surgery.

The media personality, who described himself as a ‘traditional Igbo man’, added that he appreciates women with natural bodies and is strongly against plastic surgery.

His words,

“For men like me, traditional Igbo men like me, we do appreciate our women with curves, little meat on the body that’s how we say, na my babe be this or na my wife be this? But we also appreciate natural, I don’t like a woman who has gone under the knife. I would never ever support it, so Faith Morey, if I’m the last man in this world, I will never look at your side. I prefer to marry yam than marry you”.

Watch the video below,


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