“If you’re a millionaire and you’ve never given 1 million naira, you’re stingy towards God” – Reverend Harrison Ayintete – YabaLeftOnline

Popular apostle Reverend Harrison Ayintete has criticised Christians for their financial stinginess towards God.

He took to the microblogging platform, X, to opine that those who are rich but don’t give the church up to a million naira as an offering are being stingy towards God.

He pointed out that individuals who don’t contribute enough may not receive enough of heaven’s rewards and aren’t being radical enough about God’s work.

He wrote;

“If you are a millionaire and you have never given 1 million naira before in your local church, you are a bad specimen of a believer in that aspect of the faith!

You are stingy towards God!

You are saved, you are loved, you have eternal life, you will never perish but you are not radical about God’s work on earth and you have little reward in heaven!

If your theology is to use widow’s mite as your yardstick for giving, thus you give mites and kobo in your local church , you are a bad specimen of a believer in that aspect of the faith!”

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