“I’m married but I still feel lonely” – Nigerian man seeks the opinion of netizens following his wife’s constant visit to her mother – YabaLeftOnline

A Nigerian man has sought the opinion of Nigerians anonymously regarding his wife’s constant ritual of going to stay at her mother’s place.

Sharing a lengthy post to explain his predicament, he revealed that his wife was raised by a single mother and barely has time for him.

The man who shared that the situation has put him in a lonely spot disclosed that he had begun engaging in sexual activities to please himself.

His post read,

“I’m married but still feel lonely. I put in all I have and I am to make the home habitable but she only stays 3-4 days in the house per week. She made it a duty to be with her Mom who lives alone for the rest of the week.

It’s been a serious struggle for me to bond with my baby because she is always with the mom who sees nothing wrong with the fact the baby doesn’t want me to carry or play with me as her father.

In the last one year +, I had started masturbating to ease my sexual urges. Cheating with some lady out there is a no, no for me. I wanna stay faithful but she seems not bothered that her husband feels unloved and uncared for.

I have tried talking to her about her frequent visits to her mom and the effect it makes on me. She would always have a good reason why she won’t stay home. I wished I didn’t marry the only daughter of a single mum who values her ties with her Mom than her husband.

Each time my mom calls and my wife is not around, I try to cover up just to avoid family wahala but it becoming obvious to my folks that my wife is hardly at home. I don’t know how long I can keep up with this.”

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