“I’m thankful to movie producers for giving me jobs” – Seyi Awolowo

Reality TV star, Seyi Awolowo, has thanked film producers for considering him as someone who should be approached for acting roles.

He stated that he thought decisions to cast him in particular roles were heavily influenced by his voice and looks.

His gratitude came months after he publicly apologised to fans and other BBNaija housemates for a contentious comment he made regarding women. Read here.

The two-time Big Brother Naija competitor talked about his career in an interview with Sunday Scoop, stating that he is looking for more difficult parts that would push him outside of his comfort zone in addition to appearing as a nice boy in films.

Seyi, the grandson of the first Western Region premier, Obafemi Awolowo, stated that he would be willing to play a part in upcoming movies that many would not anticipate, such as a father figure or a bus conductor.

He said; “I really appreciate all the producers who have called me for jobs, and are allowing me to put my acting skills to good use. I would like to believe that my voice and physique have influenced many of the roles I get.

But, that is a double edged sword, because it might make me to be stereotyped. Moving forward though, I would love to play more challenging roles. It won’t be bad to play the role of a bus conductor or father; roles that people won’t see coming.”

Speaking on the meaning of wealth, the actor described wealth as including not just monetary benefits but also networking and information development that may open doors to the purchase of tangible items.

Seyi said; “The word, ‘wealthy’, is relative, because I do not see wealth as just financial gains alone. Also, I don’t think I have done a lot of movies that can give me the kind of resources that would empower me to acquire physical assets yet.

However, I have acquired knowledge and met people that have added value to my network. Hence, I would say that acting has given me opportunities and some financial rewards. But, wealth is subjective.”

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