“Keke sef don get escort” – Netizens react as disabl£d men were seen riding with a tricycle in Abuja (VIDEO)

Different reactions have trailed online as netizens raised alarm after the video of disabled men riding along with a tricycle on a highway in Abuja surfaced on the Internet.

The man identified as @handyuche on Instagram, who recorded the video from a car on the highway noted that he has encountered a lot of shocking events in Abuja.

Revealing in the video, three crippled men on wheel were spotted on both sides of a moving tricycle on the highway. They attached themselves to the tricycle which also had passengers in it as a means to reach their destination.

Other motorists on the highway were shocked with the means the crippled men opt for to reach their destination.

Netizens have raised alarm on social media, stating the risk and danger that might occur with their means of transportation. Many shared that it was a normal among the disabled in Abuja.

See reactions below,

@endylight1 One of them still they use AirPod, movement na movement abeg😮😮

@cyril_unusual Keke sef don get escort 😂😂😂

@rosythrone They move abi they nor move?? We all move differently 😂 really life cannot be boring 😂😂

@its_wealth_01 This one Na normal thing for Abuja Na 😂i was shocked the first time i saw it too but I’m used to it 😂

@iamstepee This is risky If truck 🛻 climb them now by mistake they will burn they truck 🛻

Watch Video below,

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