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A Nigerian lady was left in shock after she found a dead rat in a bag of rice she bought at a local market.

She requested for help to know the required measures to take with the expensive bag of rice she purchased in the hard economy.

In the video she shared, she revealed the dead rat lying lifeless inside the bag of rice she had just opened

She stated that she will have to throw the entire bag of rice away to avoid any kind of disease that might come afterwards.

She said,

“I’ll have to throw this rice away, a whole bag of rice, that I just opened in this economy, ah! the rice that I just bought look at what I found inside… please what should I do”

The Nigerian lady sought help on social media regarding what to do with the bag of rice in the current challenging economy.

The video has elicited mixed reactions online, with some netizens advising her to remove the dead rat and parboil the rice whenever she wants to cook it.

See reactions below,

@chichiebuleme Throw what away?
How much is boiling hot water that can wash away any form of Lassa fever? Abeg ooo😂😂

@dharmmy_jadass10 Madam throw the bag of rice away and send me location of where you threw it na 😂

@ngba347 If you have bought rice in paints or cups , know that you have eaten this kind of rice that some rats and other things died inside unknowingly

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