“Like you pay to pray?” – Lady shares how her mum pays money for prayer in a local market

A Nigeria lady shared how her mum pays money for prayer regularly in a local market in Lagos. Her mum eventually paid more than the required amount.

Sharing on Twitter (X), the lady identified as @dios_shop stated that she was at her mum’s shop in Ikorodu, when the ticketers brought a fee of five hundred naira for prayer.


She revealed a picture of the ticket which contains the name of the market association, address, the amount to be paid and Prayer Day as the title.

She tweet,

“At my mum’s shop today and this people came to collect prayer money. We have thieves in Lagos state”

She noted that they pay for prayer often in the market and it wasn’t five hundred naira her mom gave them but a thousand naira.

Responding to comments, she explained that the prayer ticket was one of the irrelevant fees they pay in the market. She also added that the market leaders didn’t take any proper action on the recent robbery that happened in the market.

Netizens’ online has shared their views and experience, stating that the ticketers always request for money to pay unnecessary dues.

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@NostalgicVibeNG The painful part is that If you don’t pay, they will will unleash mayhem on your business

@samuelgold17 That’s how Lagos was built. Taking from the masses to enrich themselves 

@sonia_ozioma One woman died this January, they said she’s one of the Iya Loja around Ikorodu roundabout, the marketers paid 5k each because of her. Meanwhile, the late woman’s daughter comes to collect monthly due from us.

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