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The actions of a makeup artiste towards a bride during her photoshoot session have sparked different reactions online.

The makeup artiste stood between the bride and the photographer because she had not been paid for her service.

The video which was shared on the microblogging platform X, by @dammiedammie captured both parties exchanging words with each other.

The makeup artiste had requested that the bride settle her before starting her photoshoot, but the bride refused, insisting to pay her when she was done.

This escalated real quick causing individuals who were within the area to interfere, as they tried to settle the matter amicably.

The majority of the tweep who came across the video condemned the bride’s attitude causing them to support the makeup artiste, while few took sides with the bride.

Below are some of the reactions,

@bigtimevicks:  Was I the only one expecting her to wipe the makeup off her face

@tahyvr:  I dislike people that like unnecessary drama, just pay and lock up

@5vive:  If I no use hand clear the make up scatter the hair make I nor know wetin happen

@chi_amaka0:  The photographer wey dey snap, shey him don collect balance or he/she thinks they’re special

@1morji:  She probably doesn’t know that one wipe of a hankie = 2 hours additional delay with abeg + more money.

@AlexandriaUzor:  When it’s not that they are frying chinchin in your head. You’ll do that to me on my big day.

Watch the video below,

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