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A Twitter user has shared the story of an acquaintance who divorced his wife over her refusal to contribute financially to their home despite investing in her education and business.

The user, with the handle @budgetOdogwu, disclosed that the woman blatantly refused to support their home because her husband had a good job in the oil sector.

When the husband once confronted her for refusing to support them financially, she stated that he shouldn’t have married her if he knew he couldn’t take care of her.

 Man divorces

This stuck with the husband for a long time, and he secretly acquired properties in his name and filed for a divorce because he couldn’t continue with a woman who, he said, saw him as a ticket and not a partner.

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“An Egbon got married when he started work at First Bank . His wife was doing her nursing rounds at Nursing School PH . Everything financial was on this man . When she finished , she had twins . God was merciful and he got promoted.

Somehow , SPDC came calling . Took the opportunity and they moved from Rumuola to Shell RA . They got a maid and this Egbon drops the kids at school on his way to work .

His wife said she didn’t want to work and he opened up a business for her at Okporo.

All the money used was from his single salary at Shell . This man talked about it for a while how she didn’t even bother bringing anything home and she retorted that he was a Shell worker and he shouldn’t have married her if he couldn’t take care of her

This Egbon never forgot those words . Man built 2 houses and acquired properties and his wife didn’t know anything about it. He was virtually funding her business . Holidays ? On him . Everything ( according to him and corroborated by her )

The marriage was never the same . This was someone who he made sure had no issues finishing school and still set up to earn when she said she didn’t want to work. Baba left SPDC in 2018 . 3 months later , he filed for divorce .

When he was asked , he said he had been living with a woman who saw him as a ticket and not a partner . It didn’t make sense to me since they always looked like a decent couple in church . They got divorced in 2019 . He said so many things that she couldn’t deny.”

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