Man left dejected after his girlfriend left him to dance provocatively with Omah Lay at a concert in the UK (video) – YabaLeftOnline

A crazy incident unfolded at Omah Lay’s concert in the UK last night when a woman abandoned her boyfriend to dance provocatively with the singer.

The young woman, who was at the front row with her boyfriend, was called up on stage by the 26-year-old Nigerian singer.

Despite her boyfriend’s attempts to stop her from going, she left him without hesitation and joined the singer on stage.

Man left

A video shared online captured the moment she engaged in a raunchy performance with the ‘Soso’ crooner, leaving her boyfriend visibly dejected as he watched helplessly.

After the show, he was seen leaving the concert venue alone as onlookers pointed and taunted him.

The incident has sparked outrage on social media, with many criticizing the woman for disrespecting her boyfriend, while others are dragging Omah Lay for inviting a woman who was with a man.

Read some comments below,

@mo_chael wrote, “Both the artist and the girl have no idea what self respect means. If you need to perform some silly act on stage, get your self a professional to act it with you!
No one is supposed to know the face behind the curtains for stage scenes like this.”

@amensexy09 wrote, “Mumu girl.. you lose match both for home and away. Omah won’t take you serious and your boyfriend wont accept you back except na mumu”

@topman_tech wrote, “A real man should leave and never have anything to do with such woman again. BUT wait o, there is a way you will have been acting as s..imp to a woman before she can have this effrontery publicly. 🙂”

@bobby_yung_m wrote, “The worst thing be say the guy fit no know say him babe get all this moves😂😂”

Watch the videos below,

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