“Media should stop promoting only Afrobeats”- Ex-Styl-Plus member, Tunde

Tunde Akinsanmi, former member of the popular R&B group, Styl-Plus, has asked Nigerian media to support musical genres other than Afrobeats.

Since Afobeats is now the sound that’s trending both locally and globally, he said TV and radio stations shouldn’t let other genres die.

In a recent interview, Tunde also urged event planners to support pioneering artists who paved the way rather than only concentrating on popular performers.

He said;

“I will like to listen to radio and know that there are other genres of music, and not just afrobeats. They should not allow other genres of music to die. I have been all over the world and I have seen how music is streamed on TV and radio.

They play both new and old songs. Show promoters should not just focus on people that are reigning now. They should also patronise people who paved the way. The more they are patronised, the longer their works and careers are going to last.”

Speaking on the idea that veterans are attempting to rejoin the music industry, Tunde said; “People are just waking up. It is only in Nigeria that we call them ‘old cats’. As an artiste grows older, they become vintage.”

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