“Messages in my DM mes.ses with my mental health” – Bukunmi Oluwasina laments – YabaLeftOnline

Nollywood actress, Bukunmi Oluwasina has taken to social media to reveal the reasons she stopped reading messages from netizens.

She stated that although she wants to focus on her issues this year, the emotional toll is making it challenging, as she underlined that even though she wanted to avoid talking this year since it hurts, she finds it hard.

Bukunmi Oluwasina expressed her pain at seeing the people she loves and cares about suffer, but she was unable to put an end to it since, in spite of her money, she felt incapable of providing a solution for everyone.

The actress continued by saying she has been avoiding her direct messages for days because she feels bad about herself every time she opens one.

She penned:

“As much as I really want to mind my business for 2024, it’s hard. It’s hard cos it hurts. It hurts watching the people you love and care so much about suffering, and you can’t do anything about it, because no matter how much you have or what you do, you can’t solve everybody’s problems.

I have been avoiding my DM for days now, cos every time I open it, it messes up my mental health. Both poor, averagely okay and even rich, are now begging for financial assistance.
Nothing is working. A month salary can’t even feed you for a week, let alone the whole family.

Yeah, inflation is in every country, (That’s the excuse) but hell no, it’s not as worse as what’s happening in Nigeria.
I mean, Seeing post of people dying of hunger.. How? Why?
What the f**** is going on??????!!!!!

It’s funny how, cos despite all of these, everywhere is so quiet. 🙂💔”

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