Moment a mentally unstable man climbs car bonnet and d£str0y wind screen, leaving viewers in shock (VIDEO) – YabaLeftOnline


Reactions trailed online after a mentally unstable man stopped a moving vehicle on the road then climbed the car bonnet and destroyed the wind screen with hard object.

In the viral clip, the man was captured crossing the busy road when he suddenly stopped in front of a moving car causing the car to stop on motion, which halt the movement of other transit on the road.

The man instantly ascended on the car creating a scene on the spot and proceeded to bashing the car wind screen with a sharp object vigorously.

Meanwhile, people present in the scene hurriedly came to the driver’s aid as they pulled the man off the car bonnet and physically attacked him with kicks and fists.

The video has generated different reactions from internet users causing them to troop to the comment section to share their thoughts and the action to take if they were the driver.

See reactions below,

@kojo_billions1 You wait till he even climbs your car? Just reverse and speed towards him. That madness go clear oooo

@tamunonengi It can never be Nigeria, cuz how did it take that long for them to deck him 😏

@abujabags_shoes Reverse and make him fall and drive off beside him before he get up. He should getat abeg

@iam_ruthvader Me done zoom off since na… You no learn anything from watch American film!?!? 😂😂😂

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