MP3 DOWNLOAD: Aaron Cole – Back in A Bag [+ Lyrics] | CeeNaija

MP3 DOWNLOAD: Aaron Cole - Back in A Bag [+ Lyrics] | CeeNaija


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The young American Christian hip hop recording artist and songwriter bring to us a powerful song Aaron Cole, This song is titled “Back in A Bag”. This song is sure to bless your heart and uplift your spirit.

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Lyrics: Back in A Bag by

Let me tell you something, nah, nah, listen, listen, listen
See what’s wrong with you y’all folks, y’all don’t wanna listen
See my grandfather said something a long time ago
He said “Boy, man only need to know two things in life”
I said “What’s that Pop?”
He said “Count your money and treat people well”

You already know who it is
Chino, Cole, waddup
I’m back

I’m back in my bag, yeah
Get out my path, yeah
Hate I subtract, yeah
You do the math, ayy
I do not pass, yeah
Make em upset, yeah
He got my back, yeah
So I’m in my bag, yeah
So I’m in my bag

I was gone for a sec but I’m back now
Laid back but I never back down
Now it’s just curtains real with my worship for certain
Knew it was working for my good so I just countdown, ayy
Tryna tell these boys that we do this
I get depressed but I never get foolish
It’s like every single time they be clueless, ayy
Loyal friends over opportunists
I’ve been leaving all these girls on rojo
I been on going for my goal-oals
God brought me out yeah I’m in a mean state
I’m Aaron Rodgers with the bag cause that Green Bay, yeah
I don’t argue with circus, ooh yeah
I just spit verses, yeah, yeah
Thought I was worthless, ayy yeah
But I been purchased


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