“My husband can never cheat on me”- Nigerian wife says (VIDEO)


A proud Nigerian wife has taken to social media to share reasons why her husband cannot be dishonest to her in their marriage.

The lady identified as @temmytames on TikTok shared a video, with a verbal promise to dispel doubt that her husband has never cheated and will not make an attempt to cheat on her.

She captioned;

“I can swear on my life that My husband has never and can never cheat on Me”

She confidently stated that her husband has deep affection for her and always demonstrate his love towards her in many ways. The lady opined that she is gifted with everything a man desire in a woman.

The Nigerian wife further emphasized that she performs her marital responsibilities excellently to the extent that her husband can in no circumstances cheat on her with other women.

Netizens have flooded the comment section, with many acknowledging that some men are faithful in their marriage while others find it impossible to believe the woman claim.

See comments below,

@ewatomiclg If your wife cannot brag about you like this, you failed as a husband. Making your woman understand her importance in your life goes a long way

@thefoodnetworking2 It’s not about what you can give… it’s about the self discipline the man has! Not all men cheat

@oyedunny Before you come for her negatively remember everyone can’t behave unreasonable like your man

@jolad283 You Dey trust man , should we tell her 😂😂😂

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