“My husband lets me date other men and even finds them for me on dating apps” – Woman claims to be the luckiest wife in the world

A woman has claimed to be the “luckiest wife in the world” because her husband willingly supports her decision to date other men.

Alexandra Le Tissier, married to Mitch for over ten years, disclosed that they decided to spice up their marriage after it grew “a bit stale.”

Formerly monogamous, Alex and Mitch, from Southampton, now explore dating apps together, with Mitch actively assisting Alex in finding compatible matches.

 Woman claims

She emphasized that their only rule is that her interactions with other men must be casual, with no potential for serious commitment.

Alex, also an OnlyFans model, remarked, “He’s pretty open-minded. He’s not judgmental at all, so he’s absolutely fine with it. The only rule we have is that it’s purely for fun. It can’t lead to anything serious. He’s really not interested in doing it himself, which I find amusing.”

While Alex has yet to go on physical dates, she eagerly looks forward to the prospect. Their agreement also requires Alex to get her husband’s permission before pursuing any dates.

Speaking further, Alex revealed that she faced criticism after sharing her Bumble experience on Twitter, with some even contacting her husband. Interestingly, Alex remains unfazed by the concerns raised about their marriage.

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