“My mother keeps rejecting all my suitors, claiming that a prophet said my husband will come from a far way country” – Nigerian lady cries out 

A Nigerian lady has cried out online regarding her mother’s attitude of constantly rejecting her suitors, claiming that her husband is to come from a faraway country.

Sharing the plight she facing anonymously she revealed that she is always having dreams about her mother preventing her from getting married.

Her post read;

“Mommy’s in the house help my life o. I’ll be 24 years old in a few months. I noticed that anytime a suitor comes for my hand in marriage my mom would turn them down, saying a prophet told her my husband is not in Nigeria and that he’ll come from a faraway country. I didn’t take it seriously then cos I wasn’t ready, but now I’m ready, through with service I’m working and also a tailor. A man came for my hand in marriage my m said no o, that he’s not my husband that have I forgotten that my husband will come from a faraway place? Most times I see my mom in my dream telling me I will not marry. Pls help me o, what should I do? I really love this man o he loves me too, and for the past 2 years we’ve dated he’s been the best. Please, I need your advice o. My friends are telling me to do court even people that know my mom advised me to do court o. My dad no kúkú get say. What should I do? I’ll be I’m the comment section. Thank you [sic].”

While some internet users advised her in the comment section, others counsel her to go for prayers.

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