“My wig was stolen inside the bus while I was sleeping” – Lady cries out (WATCH)


A Nigerian lady exclaimed on social media after her expensive bone straight wig was stolen inside the bus when she was sleeping. She checked everywhere in the bus but couldn’t find her wig.

The lady identified as @anniekokolet00 shared a before and after appearance of herself leaving the house and coming back home after her wig was stolen.

Narrating in the video, she explained that after she sat in the bus, she wasn’t bothered about other passengers in the bus. She was concerned about the bus getting filled and getting to destination.

She mentioned that she was sleeping in the bus and couldn’t find her wig on her head when she woke up. After checking the bus, she was told the lady that sat behind her had alighted from the bus.

She expressed disbelief of coming back without her expensive bone straight wig.

The lady’s narrative about her stolen wig has captured the attention of Internet users. Many suggested that her wig wasn’t stolen instead she made up a false story to attract attention on social media.

See comments;

@rosythrone This is a made up story. Ur wig is inside ur bag aunty

@prettyboy__barbie1 So she know her wig will be stolen so she has every record of it

@ms_leemart1 That not a bone straight ! They stole your wig fine but don’t add lie to it ! We don’t even know it the story is true self , everybody just Dey lie for this obasanjo internet mtcewwww

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