“Na bachelor life I blame” – Man says after accidentally burning a pot of beans due to sleep


A Nigerian man has taken to social media to express his gratitude to God for sparing his life from a potentially dangerous situation.

The man revealed that he accidentally fell asleep while cooking a pot of beans on his hot plate due to extreme exhaustion. Unfortunately, the beans ended up burnt beyond salvage.

Man says

He posted a photo of the charred pot of beans and blamed the mishap on his single status. He insinuated that the incident wouldn’t have happened if he had a wife who cooks for him.

The man, identified as @bishop_bisa on X, tweeted,

“Man, you won’t believe how God saved me last night. I got home exhausted, decided to pre-cook beans on my hot plate, and then I knocked out. I just remembered now that I left something on the fire and rushed into the kitchen 👇🏽
They seized power at 5am.
Na Bachelor life I blame.”

See below,

The post has sparked mixed reactions online. Read some comments as you scroll,

@uchekl wrote, “You almost burned yourself to death and you blame it on not having a woman to cook for you?”

@olajumokehera wrote, “God forbid someone marries rubbish. Imagine a man that can sleep all through the thick smoke. Broooo”

@cielupsky wrote, “If you’re exhausted, never cook. Sometimes, it never ends well. Learn the lessons and stop attributing it to not having a wife.”

@zeekahthegreat wrote, “You get home exhausted and can’t perform a task as simple as multitasking, then you blame your incompetence on the absence of a woman in your life. Meanwhile, when you marry, you will expect that same woman to perform this same thing you attempted and failed woefully at everyday.”


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