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The video of Nigerian couple celebrating their 53 years old wedding anniversary has stunned many internet users online. The couple were looking hale and hearty.

The heartwarming video was taken during the photoshoot session of the wife’s 75th birthday, while the husband joined to take pictures with her.. It showcased the strong bond and affection between the couple.

During the photoshoot session, the couple displayed their love; the 75 year old wife patted her husband’s head to position his head cap and also adjust his wedding ring properly on his finger. They shared a pleased and amused facial expression while the pictures were taken.

The couple had a gentle demeanour; the way they act and express themselves.

The trending video of the couple has become a subject of inspiration and remarkable topic about marriage online. Internet users imagine the marital issues the couple might have undergone and they are still married together for 53 years and still counting. Many have sent the congratulatory messages and wish the couple more years together.

Some netizens praised the couple for the beautiful love and affection they shared over their years of marriage. The wife was commended for her kind gesture of paying attention to her husband while others use the couple’s marriage to enlighten the modern day couples on why marriage should be appreciated and celebrated.

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