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A Nigerian lady, simply identified as Precious, has shared a video showcasing how she elevated her American husband’s fashion sense after their marriage.

When they first met, her husband looked scruffy and unkempt, with the fashion sense and haircut of a 50-year-old man.

She acknowledged that he looked older than his age, and she even had to constantly explain to people that she was not getting married to an old man.

Nigerian lady shares

Dissatisfied with his physical appearance and lifestyle, Precious took it upon herself to revamp his wardrobe and skincare routine after she joined him in the US.

Before long, she started seeing a noticeable transformation in his physical appearance and fashion sense.

Nigerian lady shares

Precious shared a video montage of her husband’s appearance before her influence in his life and his current look, and he looked so much better with his hair shaven.

She also revealed that he was a smoker, and she successfully helped him to quit smoking completely.

Watch the video she shared below,

In other news, a Nigerian lady, identified simply as Divine, has caused a significant buzz on social media after showcasing her incredible weight loss transformation.

In a video shared online, Divine shared videos of herself before embarking on her weight loss journey and revealed that she felt sad and depressed about her physical appearance.

However, one day, she decided to take charge of her fitness journey after realizing that nobody could save her except herself.

She began working out and lifting weights at home, and fortunately, she started noticing the results of her commitment and dedication to losing weight.

Divine shared videos of her current physique and she clearly looks slimmer and fitter with a flatter tummy compared to her previous appearance. Watch the video here

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