Nigerian man loses it after his girlfriend who requested for 160K to purchase makeup products refused to thank him after he sent her 70k – YabaLeftOnline


A Nigerian man has been left displeased by his girlfriend’s attitude which has caused him to rant online.

He revealed that she refused to thank him for the money he gave her to purchase some makeup products.

Sharing a tweet and screenshot of their chat on the microblogging platform X, he disclosed that she had requested 160k from him to purchase some makeup items.

He wrote;

“My babe told me today, she needed to get some Makeup products, everything totaling 160k. I told her not to pick everything once that I can get it for her bit by bit. She said send what you Can send, I sent her 70k she no even say thank you. Omo I won mad.”

However, he was unable to afford all the items, so he told her to select the most important ones and then sent her 70k to purchase them.

His girlfriend however pleaded with him to increase the money to 100k which he refused to do and she refused to appreciate his effort.

The majority of the people who came across the post reacted to it differently, as they all took to the comment section to share their opinions.

Below are some of the comments

@bambiknow:  But these are the type of woman yall love, you say they motivate you to work harder

@gylliananthonette:  But some of you will meet understanding babes but take her for grantee..una too like baddies

@msquaredizz_:  Lol when will my gender learn?! Y’all need to do away with these entitled ladies. There’re really good and sensible ladies out there that deserve to be spoilt, not these ones. 

@janet_xoxox:  Makeup? Is she a makeup artist 😢 Change that wifey to werey 😂


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