Nigerian man surprises his university classmate with car after 5 years


A Nigerian man, Engr Chizitere Ahubelem, popularly known as Chizzy Whizzy, has shown his humanitarian side by giving Iwuchukwu Kenneth Stephen, a classmate from university, a Honda Pilot.

This warm-hearted deed, which was shared on Facebook on Saturday, September 30, demonstrates Chizitere’s dedication to having a positive influence on other people.

Chizitere revealed to in an interview that Kenneth Stephen had been a classmate of his at the institution throughout the academic years from 2004/2005 to 2009/2010.

This gift is made much more extraordinary by Kenneth’s continuous friendship and support.

Sharing the post on facebook, he wrote,

Congrats my man wuchukwu Kenneth Stephen, my classmate and an Engr at NTA, you merit this months Car gift which is a Honda Pilot, he won our monthly car giveaway we started last year.
Shadow bann made me slow this period but he always checked on me and believed in me even after he requested for the car severally and I told him I have no funds, he didnt know I have bought it since, I waited on him for like 2 months to switch up me, but he didnt switch, some people change if you dont grant their request, but he didn’t.
Anyway thanks for always pushing me to more visible via the air waves, one of my motto is, bring value to me, I bring more value to you in return, its that easy.
We get better while doing more all on God
Everyone is a winner, tomorrow we would do gifting splash, share and invite your people, lets battle this shadow bann together c
Who would win next months own???
Engr Chizitere Ahubelem A aka Chizzy Whizzy”


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