Nigerian man weeps uncontrollably after DNA test reveals that he is not the biological father of all his three kids – YabaLeftOnline


A Nigerian man has shared via the microblogging platform X, how one of his friends discovered that all three of his kids aren’t his, after conducting a DNA test.

Heartbroken by the results of the DNA test, he decided to question his wife, but her response left him and everyone else in shock.

According to the wife, while the man was working too hard to fend for the family, she was having fun with someone else.

After disclosing this, she hung up the phone and has been avoiding phone calls from her husband, his family, and friends.

His tweet read;

“A friend of mine got DNA results for all three of his kids yesterday. None of them are his. A 9-year-old, a 6-year-old and a 4-year-old. The man is completely broken. His wife’s response was that he worked too hard and she drops her phone. She has not responded to all our calls. This man is a line manager with an international oil and gas service company, doing absolutely great, his kids came to visit him and according to him, he simply wanted to run comprehensive medicals for them and just decided to throw in a DNA to check ancestry. The man is completely broken. His kids are in the house with him, security and emergency services have been called, everybody is crying, kids are crying.”

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