Nigerian woman recounts how her baby was almost swapped after birth as she advises women to go for Immediate DNA testing after birth (VIDEO) – YabaLeftOnline


A Nigerian woman has shared her experience of almost having her baby swapped after delivery, leading her to propose that DNA tests should be conducted immediately following childbirth.

She recounted her story during a discussion on paternity fraud on a TVC program.

In 2003, she and another woman gave birth on the same day.

However, to her surprise when she gave birth, she was handed a chubby baby girl, despite a previous scan indicating she was expecting a boy.

When she questioned the differences of the sex, the nurses at the General hospital insisted that the baby presented to her was indeed hers.

Fortunately, she recounted that her saving grace was her pastor, who happened to visit her at the hospital and sensed something amiss

He caused a commotion and created a scene,  prompting the nurses to suddenly “remember” that another boy had been born on the same day.

It turned out that her real baby had been mistakenly given to the other woman.

Reflecting on the incident, she expressed gratitude for the intervention of her pastor, acknowledging that the situation could have led to false accusations of infidelity.

To prevent such traumatic situations, she proposed that DNA testing be conducted in hospitals immediately after childbirth.

As the video and her experience continues to circulate, it has garnered the attention of netizens online.

Watch the video below:


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