Nigerians gush over intentional man as video of him showering his partner with love and food goes viral (WATCH)


The video of a Nigerian man showering his partner with so much love and food has warmed the hearts of a lot of netizens on social media.

The quite physically fit gentleman is captured on camera speaking his partner’s love language; acts of service and this gesture is what has had a lot of people gushing over him and hoping to find someone like him for themselves.

In the video, the young man is seen at multiple instances, making sumptuous delicacies for his partner and also engaging in other romantic acts — the video was shared with the caption: “When his love language is acts of service”.

The video stirred up a lot of reactions from netizens who couldn’t help but gush and wish for the same kind of partner. A lot of them were particular about how intentional the young man is, some were quite appeased with his physical features and his supposed kindheartedness.

Read some reactions as you scroll,

Nothing beats men that know how to cook. It’s a hugeeee turn on😍🥰

Lord it’s me again! Am I a potato?😂

He get height, he get beard, he come sabi cook. Normally he be husband

Men that can cook well how much is your groom price ?

Am I a street light 😢😢

Sis, where’d you order him from? Amazon?! Plug a sis!!! 🥺

We too dey expensive 🌚 e easy to be spec? Come still sabi cook ? 😁😍

Watch the video,


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