Nightlife king, Yhemolee reportedly gifts his girlfriend a Mercedes Benz


Nigerian entertainer and actor, Idowu Adeyemi, better known as Yhemolee, has reportedly gifted his highly publicized girlfriend, Tayo, a brand new Mercedes Benz.

The young lady took to her Instagram story to share photos of the new car adorned with a large bow and balloons, one of which reads “Congratulations T. New whip, don’t play”.

Yhemolee reportedly gifts

Although she didn’t explicitly mention who bought her the car, netizens are speculating that it is a gift from her lover Yhemolee, with whom she recently reconciled after months of separation.

It will be recalled that the couple parted ways in June last year, following which Yhemolee briefly dated another woman.

However, that relationship didn’t last long, and he subsequently reunited with his longtime girlfriend, Tayo.

See photos and a video of the new whip below,

A while back, Yhemolee stirred reactions online after celebrating his ex, Thayouur B, on her birthday and publicly apologising to her.
Recall that Yhemolee and Thayour broke up in June of this year, following alleged cheating and infidelity and he shortly got into another relationship with someone else.

His new relationship with Bisola did not last and ended in cheating and infidelity speculations.

However, Yhemolee took to his Instagram page to write her a birthday message and add a heart ❤️ emoji. He also issued an apology for how their relationship ended.

He wrote;

“First off it’s World T day again Nov 28, I know so many sorries might not be enough for the humiliation I made you face earlier this year. I embarrassed you publicly, and it’s just right that I apologize to you as well publicly.
You didn’t deserve to be treated as such, I have no explanations whatsoever to justify how I treated you but this is me telling the world how sorry I am and I hope you genuinely find a place in your heart to forgive me. I’m so so sorry.
Happy birthday once again.


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