“Nobody agreed to carry me when I was born, because of my face” – Uwaezuoke – YabaLeftOnline


Veteran Nollywood actor, Uwazuoke has revealed details about his early years, describing how his appearance and stature caused him to receive unfair advantage.

The seasoned actor recently discussed his early memories on Yankontentfactory as he recounts how his father had eleven children total, and for some reason, every time a male kid reaches the age of 25, he passes away.

He recalled how the whole village celebrated his birth, but as soon as they saw his face, they became repulsed.

According to Uwaezuoke, his mother never got a present from anyone and they were always coming up with reasons not to see or hold him.

The actor added that ladies typically become disinterested in him the moment they notice his appearance and height.

However, he maintained that nobody is better than him except God.

Watch him speak below.

In other news, a woman shared her experience after being assaulted by a debtor she had generously helped.

Taking to social media, she warns others to be cautious about whom they extend a helping hand to.

In a graphic video, the woman shows her swollen lips, evidence of the brutal attack she endured.

She recounts the distressing incident, revealing that the very person she had lent money to was the perpetrator responsible for her assault.

Shockingly, when she requested repayment, he absconded, leaving her in such a state.


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