“Of course, I’m an African first daughter, you have to…” – Little girl shares her experience as she joins trending challenge (VIDEO) – YabaLeftOnline

A Nigerian girl, who is also the first daughter in her family emphasized some roles of the first daughter of an African family while joining the trending challenge.

Expressing herself in both English and Yoruba language, the little girl shared five situations she must face as the first daughter in an African home while demonstrating each situation in action.

She stated her daddy doesn’t beat her but her mum disciplines her for the slightest thing, also she must respond multiple times whenever her mum calls her to avoid a beating.

She added as an African daughter, she must understand her mum’s body language at any given time. She concluded in the video while carrying her baby sister that she is an African first daughter and she has to learn how to babysit her younger sibling.

Her physical demonstration and confidence have caused internet users online to commend her for speaking on behalf of all first daughters in an African home.

Netizens shared their experiences on the responsibilities that come with being the first daughter in an African home. Some shared the kind of training and discipline they were subjected to while growing up while others listed what is expected from the first child in an African home.

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