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Viral Nigerian woman, Debbie a.k.a. Mummy Zee, has warned a woman against helping her broke fiancé pay her bride price.

She advised against the idea when responding to the woman’s query about whether it’s appropriate for her to support her fiancé financially in this regard.

Mummy Zee warns

The woman, who has a well-paying job, shared that her fiancé is still financially struggling but is eager to marry her despite his situation.

She wrote,

“Mummyzee, should a lady support her fiance when it comes to paying her bride price. I have a good job and pay but my fiance is struggling financially and he is ready to marry me.”

Responding to the question, Mummy Zee advised the woman against paying for her own bride price or giving her man money.

She urged her to instead appeal to her parents to reduce the items on the engagement list to match her fiancé’s financial situation.

She tweeted,

“Please don’t. You can support by helping him talk to your parents to reduce the items on the engagement list.
But, don’t give him money to pay your bride price.”

Recall that Mummy Zee became an internet sensation in January after revealing that she wakes up as early as 4:50pm to cook for her husband.

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