“Ponmo smoothie” – Nigerians in awe as lady blends cow skin (ponmo) (VIDEO)

A Nigerian lady has taken to social media to express her love for cow skin locally known as “Ponmo” by blending it into a mixture before cooking it in a meal.

The lady revealed that there is no food she can’t cook ponmo with because she likes to combine it with her meal when cooking.

In the viral clip, she washed the cow skin, blended it, then transferred the mix into a pot of hot oil with pepper mix, onions and and stirred it with cooked noodles.

The lady identified as @rahmooflagos captioned the TikTok video,

“POV: Say you’re a pomo lover without saying it”

She served the noodles with fried egg and plantain then added a piece of ponmo to the meal.

The video has left many netizens in awe, some discouraging the use of blender in Nigerian homes while others warned her against attempting to cook.

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@adannayah No enter kitchen again oo 🤣😂

@pharry Ah mummy come and see blended pomo ooo😫 awwwn until una go use pomo do smoothie 🤣🤣

@midetheresa No fr fr. Nothing pain me pass say na indomitable she use. Like pali 12k😭 for this????? I’m in painsssss

@therealleo2 If Una don buy blender like this 😂😂una fit blend anything 😂😂

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