“She began asking for my husband’s number” – Lady recounts firing lady after 3 days

A businesswoman has taken to social media to share how she fired a woman she had hired after just three days of work because she started requesting her husband’s phone number.

The woman disclosed that she had asked the woman to assist them with light labour and clean-ups at their warehouse.

She said that she and her husband ran the establishment on a regular basis and hired her to assist with minor housekeeping chores.

However, three days into her new job, the woman started asking for her husband’s phone number so she could call him if she couldn’t reach her.

The entrepreneur said that she had chosen to be diplomatic by informing the woman that she could always be reached since her phone was never turned off.

Nevertheless, she provided her with a fake number, so when the woman texted the number to introduce herself to her husband, she wasn’t too surprised.

The businesswoman said that she had to terminate the worker because she had asked to meet up with her husband for dinner.

Watch her speak below.

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