“She hated it when I helped anyone financially” – Nigerian man shares why he k!lled his feelings for a lady he was in love with

A Nigerian man has shared via the microblogging platform X, why he had to let go of a lady he loved dearly.

He stated in his tweet that she always complained and hated it whenever he assisted people financially and termed it as misspend.

Whenever he helped people financially she would always say that he was wasting his money and there are better things she could have done with it.

His tweet read;

She hated it when I helped anyone financially. As long as I’m not giving her the money, I shouldn’t give anyone else. She would always point out something unnecessary that she could do with that money I just wasted as she termed it. For instance, I could give a family 20k to buy food and she will say “You just wasted that money on people that may be lying to you. The money I could have used for a spa day” You guessed it, she was a “Zainab” too. WITCH

While some of his followers condemned the lady’s attitude others congratulated him for ending things with the lady before it got out of hand.

Below are some of the comments,

@LanaseUsman:  Congratulations to you sir. A woman like this will not allow you help ANYBODY, not even your family and friends. She will also cause enmity between you and your family members. I am happy for you o. some men don enter am like this.

@Nefisah001:  Congratulations. Your eye for peel, I have a married friend whose wife is like this and it is hell, even if the money goes to his own family she’ll complain. Lastly, please o, all the Zainabs I know are amazing people. Maybe her real name is Precious

@iamokecrown:  I have a friend who does the exact same thing… She can’t stand her parents giving money to anyone that is not her. I once visited her and the mother dashed me 5K. She became restless and even stopped talking to me.

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