“Sincerely speaking, some of us are destined to be 2nd, 3rd or 4th wives” – Nigerian lady says as she stirs controversy online

A Nigerian lady, Aisha Ohunene Salaudeen,  from Kogi State, has sparked a conversation with her statement that certain women are destined to be second, third, or even fourth wives.

In a Facebook post on Sunday, January 21, 2024, she encouraged women in such situations to accept their fate with pride.

Expressing her views on the topic, She acknowledged the reality that, for some individuals, being a second or third wife may be their destined path in life.

She urged women facing this situation to embrace it without shame or resentment,  and the need for self-acceptance.

“Sincerely speaking, some of us are destined to be second wife. All you have to do is just accept it with pride,” she wrote 

“Bitter truth thou. Some of us might be even 3rd,” she added. 

The woman’s words have sparked discussions across social media platforms, with mixed reactions ranging from support to criticism.

While some have commended her for encouraging women to find strength in their circumstances, others have expressed concerns about the potential problems of gender inequality and polygamous  relationships for women.

As her post continues to gain traction online, it as  stirred controversy, and  as led to a lot of comments and remarks from users and netizens online, sharing their various opinions on the subject.

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