“Someone said he lost the respect he has for me because I knelt to propose to my wife-to-be” – Nigerian man reveals

A Nigerian man identified as Aduomayebe Aghogho, has taken to social media to describe how he was made fun of for proposing to his fiancée, Nancy, on his knees.

The young man, who became engaged to his fiancée, disclosed that he had received negative feedback from someone who claimed they no longer respected him because of the way he asked her to marry him.

The soon-to-be groom expressed his amazement at the criticism on his Facebook page.

He emphasised that he doesn’t give much thought to what other people think as long as he has his fiancée’s respect.

He wrote;

“One worthless and inconsequential man said, “He has lost the respect he has for me” because of my pattern of proposal. If I lose every man’s respect and I continue to enjoy the respect this woman gives me, then I have nothing else to bother about.

Evidence marama …. My proudest moment yet.
The ekpa Akpobasa O. Ovoke wen snap this picture open 32 teeth dey smile and blush that day o, na he voice loud pass dey shout say yes, say yes.
If na this woman I be mugu for na be say na better mugu I be. It is a pleasure being a mugu and I will be her personal mugu for life.

When I propose give my wife to be na two knees I use sef and the thing sweet me well well. I no mind crawl if
I get another opportunity to do so.”

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