“Stop being a hypocrite”- Comedian, Woli Arole lectures Christians

Popular Nigerian comedian, Woli Arole addresses Christians, who insist they don’t listen to secular music but watch non-Christian movies and sports for entertainment.

woli arole

The 34 years old comedian shared in a written post via his Instagram page, that Christians should quit behaving contrary to what they believe. He noted that they have certain belief about what is right but behave in ways that disagrees with those belief.

He mentioned that Christians claim they don’t listen to secular music but entertain themselves watching secular movies and football. He also added that such Christianity value and disposition won’t make them progress and develop.

woli arole

Woli Arole further explained that there are different kinds of songs with their own understanding. He concluded that Christians should stop being religious when they can’t behave according to their beliefs.

However, the comedian’s post has triggered his Christian followers, who disapprove his claim about Christians being hypocrite because of entertainment.

See reactions below,

@paragontyres Oga stop it! Stop it! What’s wrong is wrong don’t come and start justifying immoral songs. Movies are far more different to secular songs

@perry_poshe Sir, I think you need to explain the difference between secular and immoral. So people won’t be misled

@tolufaniran_ You should use your position as a public figure to edify the body of Christ and not water down certain biblical truths.





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