“Stop harassing Enioluwa. He is not the one in the video” – Adult star in trending video speaks (video)

Nigerian influencer and content creator, Enioluwa Adeoluwa, is currently trending on social media after a video surfaced on the internet showing a man who bears a striking resemblance to him engaging in an intimate session with another man.

The video emerged online in the late hours of Monday, March 25th, sparking a huge controversy. Many criticized Enioluwa for allegedly engaging in gay sex, while others claimed they had suspected his sexual orientation all along, and the video was a confirmation.

Adult star in trending

Despite the criticisms and comments, Enioluwa chose to remain silent and did not address the alleged scandal.

In a recent update, the individual featured in the video, who identified himself as Briggs, a US-based adult star, has come forward to dispel the speculations.

Adult star in trending

Briggs clarified in a video shared online that Enioluwa is not the person in the trending video. He also urged Nigerians to stop harassing and antagonizing the Nigerian influencer.

He said while the misconception is understandable because the trending snapshot looks a lot like Enioluwa, but everyone knows he is not the one.

Briggs also criticized the source of the viral video for attempting to tarnish Enioluwa’s reputation despite knowing that he is not the individual in the video.

Watch the video below,

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