“Thank you for insisting on marrying me” – Popular businesswoman, Miz Wanneka celebrates her mystery new husband on his birthday (Photos)


Nigerian businesswoman, Miz Wanneka, has taken to social media to celebrate her mystery husband, Mustapha, with a heartfelt post as he marks his birthday.

The mother of four, whose previous marriage to Willy Nkumah ended in 2019, shared lovely photos that conveniently hid her new husband’s face.

Wanneka, who shares three children with her ex-husband and her fourth child with her current partner, expressed gratitude to him for being an amazing father to the kids.

Miz Wanneka celebrates

The luxury hair boss praised his unwavering love for her and thanked him for insisting on marrying her, thus confirming their marital status. She also shared a glimpse of their wedding bands.

Read her full post below,

“Who would have tot when I walked into that flight that you will be the most important person in my life today 😘 from trying to avoid you photobombing my picture to having the most important picture of my life with you 😘 it was the first time on a flight I had chatted with my seat partner from take off to landing 😂 how you started the conversation and then smiled all through while I talked all through 😁
All you basically talked about was your faith and your work , every time you spoke , the calmness in ur voice made me want to chat more 😘. 8 hours came sooo fast and I tot we will chat again while waiting for our luggage, little did I know all u had was a hand luggage 😂

Miz Wanneka celebrates
All I can say today is thank you for insisting on this 😂 thank you for checking in every 2 weeks to know if I was ready 😂 thank you for getting on the flight to Nigeria for the first time just to see me 🥰
I knew you were the smartest human just talking to u even tho u said soo little and smiled more. When u asked if I was on Twitter ,Facebook or ig , lol I said for where ? Who go show u😂 long story short , you are the one not on social media dear 😂
Thank you mustapha my husband 🥰 thank you for insisting on marrying me 😂 I heard let’s get married everyday😂 and e sweet me dye knowing someone wanted to marry me soo much 🥰

Miz Wanneka celebrates

Thank you for showing me a different way of solving issues , thank you for making me a calmer person , thank you for never raising your voice no matter the issues , thank you for being sweet Jan-dec 😜for loving the kids, thank you for telling me how beautiful I am everyday , oh your obsession😂 is that obsession that will finish u 😂thank you for sharing everything with me 🥰 And no thanks for warning me about raising my voice because now ,no matter how upset I am, I have to control my voice 😩😂 imagine being upset and watching your tone 😩😭
N/b- y’all should manage , I coundnt get him to do the shoot 😩
Happy birthday zaha’s daddy 🥰 thank you again for making me understand what a quiet good life means 😁 you are my forever babe 🥰”

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