“That Angel on internship scammed him for sure” – Trending facial expression of four days old baby gets people talking (VIDEO)


Different reactions have trailed a video that was shared on TikTok, which captured a four-day-old baby looking lost in his thoughts.

According to the TikToker who shared the post, it’s just the baby’s fourth day on earth and he’s already wondering how he got here.

The clip recorded the baby, thinking about certain things and changing his hand placement while he did that.

The video was shared with a caption that read; “Mxm our fourth day on earth bona cleva boy he’s properly wondering how did I get here?”

While the majority believe that this is not the baby’s first time on earth, others added that the baby is a reincarnation of an old relative.

Below are some of the comments,

@stansn0w:  Lil Dude is 4 days 0Id with 50 years experience

@DrMel_:  Bro just heard he won’t be sucking breast milk forever and he’d have to hustle to stay alive

@__grit:  Person wey dem born for Nigeria? Wetin no go through his mind?

@habwiblinz:  No be Nigeria I point for map oh. Why my supervisor do me like this

@tei_mesan:  Dem promise am for heaven say he P.P.A go be Texas. Dem born my guy finish he dey hear “Up Nepa” shit!! and he pay like 100k to work am oh 

@Emeneks:  Tried to work his transfer to Canada but the agent duped him

Watch the video below,


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