“The most v!olent men are serial beggars” – Chioma Ikokwu speaks on domestic abusǝ (WATCH)


Nigerian-British Lawyer and Entrepreneur, Chioma Ikokwu has disclosed how she endured domestic violence consistently from her ex-lover.

Chioma Ikokwu

Speaking on Toke Moments podcast with Toke Makinwa, the lawyer revealed that she was once admitted to the hospital because of the bruises she sustained from one of their encounter.

She added that she endured the maltreatment from her estranged lover because she believed that he would change his ways, which later proved abortive.

Chioma Ikokwu

Recounting her experience, she stated,

“I remembered the first time he did, he stayed outside of my house, he slept outside of my house for three days on the floor, rain shine sun shine, everything. he was there begging …on the forth I called him inside to sleep on the corridor, I woke up in the middle of the night, he was next to me on the bed”

She emphasized that the most violent men are serial beggars, indicating that they are pretentious and filled with bad intentions.

Responding to how she ended the relationship, Chioma said she stayed in the relationship for a period of time because she had no courage to quit the relationship. She also added that the shame and stigma that might ensue afterwards if people found out she was being abused by her partner made her loss courage to leave.

Watch the video below,


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