“There is no life in America, we are not living here, we are just existing” – U.S based Nigerian man laments (VIDEO)


A U.S based Nigerian man identified as @ebonyioma on TikTok laments about the lifestyle and cost of living in America. The working system in the country is hectic with no social life.

He stated that the working system in the country is stressful, people work for several hours on different jobs daily just to pay bills.

The sleeping habit is poor, he shared that they don’t have the luxury to sleep for eight hours, the least is two hours or three hours to sleep and the highest is five hours. They live like artificial intelligence.

“there is no life in America, there is no life, we are not living here, we are just existing”

He said out of the three hundred and sixty five days of a year, they only have fourteen days  for vacation. Most people live fake life in the country to survive.

In his words,

“Life in America is like occultic life, nobody ever say it, is like a secret cult, you don’t talk what you see, baba you don come, you don come, you no dey talk, you don’t explain it, you don’t even tell people, you have to keep lying, living fake life”

He exclaimed that the more money the citizens earn, the more problem that comes with it. The system makes people to fall into debt so they are trapped  and unable to return to their home country.

Watch the video,


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