“Things we love to see” – Netizens React As Super Eagles winger Samuel Chukwueze Was Welcomed With Open Arms By His AC Milan Teammates After AFCON (WATCH)


AC Milan’s training ground was filled with excitement and Support as Super Eagles winger, Samuel Chukwueze, received a heartfelt hero’s welcome from his fellow players and coaches.

The warm actions took place after Chukwueze returned to Italy following his participation in the African Cup of Nations (AFCON).

A video posted on AC Milan’s official Instagram account captured the heartwarming moment when Chukwueze arrived at the training ground.

As he stepped onto the premises, his teammates, including the talented Portuguese star Rafael Leao, gathered around him, eager to show their support and appreciation.

The players and coaches greeted him with handshakes, claps and warm embraces.

The warm welcome showcased the strong bond and support within the AC Milan team.

His return to the club after his AFCON journey was met with excitement and anticipation.

His performances on the international stage had not gone unnoticed, and his teammates were happy to express their admiration and support.

Their actions as garnered the attention of netizens online, with viewers sharing their two cents on the show of support from his team mates.

Here are some reactions from viewers:

@sucess_james7 reacts Clap for him it’s not easy to come second place 😍❤❤

@boobtiful reacts If you no celebrate wetin you get another person go help you

@sylvamaureen reacts And we Nigerians can’t even genuinely appreciate our own 😔

@youbeautyorganicmagic reacts These boys are everywhere… We need to respect them😍👏


Watch the video below:



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