“This man is an Angel” – Netizens applaud Indian Man after he threw a party to celebrate is daughter’s retur


Internet users have praised an Indian man after he welcomed his daughter who recently got divorced from a toxic marriage, with a grand party.

The man who identified as Prem Gupta and his daughter Sakshi Gupta, went live on Facebook page to share the news.

Sakshi Gupta got married to an engineer Sachin Kumar, in April 2022, but soon begin to suffer abuse from him and his families.

For months, she tried to find a solution to the issue but couldn’t, she then reached out to her dad disclosing her plight to him.

Her Dad however stood by her and supported her decision to end the marriage defying the odds of divorce that’s been considered a taboo in the country.

Her Dad then organized a ‘baraat’ for her arrival which was accompanied with drums and fireworks and a large crowd who walked behind her cheering.

Prem Gupta, attached a caption that read “When a daughter’s marriage is done with great pomp and show, she must be brought back home with respect and honor if things go wrong, because daughters are very precious” to the video.

He later disclosed that Sachin Kumar and his family abused his daughter on several occasions throwing her out of her matrimonial home at a point.

After being married to Kumar for a year, Saski discovered that he had been married twice before but hid it from her and anytime she tried to make the marriage work, the molestation from him and his family heightens.

Netizens have hailed her dad showering him with sweet names and dropping positive terms like “Father of the century” comments on his page.

His video has since sparked a wave of positive comments from netizens, lauding the father and wishing the daughter well.

Watch the video below,


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