“This man was mo.aning as he couldn’t scream out yet” – Lady shares how woman mal.treats her husband who used to pamper her  – YabaLeftOnline

A Nigerian lady has taken to social media to narrate how a woman maltreats her husband, who pampers her after he was diagnosed with partial stroke.

Sharing on Twitter (X), the lady identified as @Oma_withlove stated that in her second year in the university, she lived in the same compound with a family, whose husband was working and wife was unemployed. The husband is known for indulging his wife.

She noted that the husband suddenly had stroke overnight and the wife has been maltreating him several times because of his inability to provide for the family.

She wrote,

“In my 200l, I lived in a compound with a family whose husband was a bus driver in my Uni. The wife wasn’t doing anything, but he pampered her so well. We woke up one day to screams. The man had gotten stroke…just like that. Well, something amazing happened the following month.”

Recounting the incident, the lady explained how she saw the wife on a particular morning assaulting him to get to the bathroom as he struggled to walk again. The woman also said unpleasant words saying she wish him death.

The lady added that the man’s daughter joins in beating him and hurling insults at him. She concluded that men endure the most but decided to keep themselves while women are quick to play victims with all sorts of tales.

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