“This was before God arrested her soul” – Netizens react to old videos of celebrity designer, Veekee James, twǝrking up a storm (watch)

Netizens have dug out old videos of celebrity designer and gospel singer, Veekee James, dancing and twerking up a storm.

The videos resurfaced just a week after she tied the knot with her husband, Femi, in a lavish society wedding that captivated the internet.

In one of the videos, the fashion designer, who recently released a gospel track titled ‘Olugbeja’, is seen wearing a short dress while dancing and twerking with a man. However, it appears to be a moment of harmless fun.

 celebrity designer, Veekee James

In another footage, Veekee donned a short jumpsuit while dancing to some Afrobeat music and towards the end, she started shaking her bum.

As expected, the videos have sparked a flurry of comments on social media, with some criticizing Veekee James, while many others came to her defense, stating that the videos were filmed before she gave her life to Christ.

Read some comments as you scroll,

@aunty_akanke wrote, “I guess this was before God arrested her soul 💃🏿”

@the_kemmy wrote, “First of all, this is an old video. Before she accepted and started publicly proclaiming Christ

Second of all, why are you people trying so hard to find dirt on this babe?

Na she first marry? Leave her alone ffs”

@awesome_ness2 wrote, “It’s okay to re-invent your life over and over till you get the best version of yourself. She’s not the same person now.”

@gonetillmonday wrote, “I think the most beautiful thing about life, is at any moment, you can start over. There’s always space for you to reinvent yourself, grow, and become a better version of yourself. Let’s normalize reinventin yourself over and over again, until you are pleased with who you are.”

Watch the videos below,

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