“To the BESTEST IDOLO, I stan and re-stan for life” – Female fan ecstatic as Davido patronizes her guinea fowl business

Nigerian music sensation Davido has brought immense joy to a female fan by patronizing her guinea fowl business.

The popular artist took to his verified Twitter account, expressing his craving for guinea fowl in a casual tweet.

Following Davido’s tweet, vendors swiftly flooded the comment section, offering their services to fulfill his desire.

Among the vendors, a business owner named “GUINEAFOWL-BY-AMORI” seized the opportunity and shared photos and videos of her guinea fowl business, urging her followers to help tag Davido.

The vendor’s post gained significant engagement and eventually caught Davido’s attention.

True to his word, Davido ordered from the vendor and she went to deliver the guinea fowl personally to the singer at his residence.

Overwhelmed with gratitude, the vendor took to social media to express her appreciation, referring to Davido as the “Bestest Idolo”

She thanked him for making her feel warm and welcomed, expressing her admiration and loyalty to the artist.

To the BESTEST IDOLO!!! Thank you for making me feel warm and welcomed 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 God bless you @davido I Stan and Restan for life🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌.” she tweeted

The heartwarming encounter between Davido and the guinea fowl vendor quickly went viral, generating a lot of reactions from netizens online.

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