Video Of A Man Pleading For Mercy After He Was Arrested For K!lling A Sacred Monkey In Awka Goes Viral (WATCH) – YabaLeftOnline


In a recent incident, a man was apprehended by indigenes of Awka for the forbidden act of killing a sacred monkey.

Monkeys hold a sacred status in Awka, making it strictly prohibited to harm or consume them.

The man, who had been a resident of Awka for 24 years, was captured in a viral video confessing to his offense.

He admitted to being fully aware of the cultural taboo against killing and eating monkeys.

According to his account, he had set a trap in the bush with the intention of catching other types of bush meat.

However, a monkey became caught in the trap instead.

Expressing deep remorse, the man pleaded for mercy in the video, recognizing the gravity of his actions.

He humbly appealed:

“I know I have committed a grave offense. Please do not harm me, but you can take me anywhere you wish.”

Moved by his plea, the indigenes ultimately decided to spare his life.

However, they emphasized that the community would take necessary steps to appease the god of the land, seeking to avoid any potential repercussions.

The video has quickly spread across social media, generating a lot of reactions from netizens.

While some found the incident amusing and viewed it as an outdated traditions, others stressed on the importance of respecting cultural practices of people.

Watch the video below:


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