Video Of A Nigerian Mum Doing Her Exercise Routine For Flat Tummy Goes Viral (WATCH) – YabaLeftOnline

A Nigerian mother has taken social media by storm after her daughter shared a video of her hilarious exercise routine.

In the video, the mother can be seen working out in an attempt to achieve a flat tummy.

The clip, shared by her daughter, captured the mother standing with her arms raised above her head.


She then proceeds to lower her arms to stomach level and clenches them tightly.

The amusing exercise prompts the daughter to burst into laughter in the background, questioning her mother’s unique moves.

The video quickly gained traction online, with netizens finding humor in the mother’s enthusiastic attempt to stay fit.

The daughter, sharing the video, jokingly adding

Aang (Avatar character) sef no do reach this onewhich further added more humour and laughter to the video

While it remains unclear how long the mother had been practicing this exercise routine, she appeared visibly exhausted and out of breath after the short session of exercises captured in the video.

However, her unique approach to staying fit has resonated with viewers online, who appreciated her efforts and found joy and laughter in her actions.

As the story continues to circulate, it has garnered the attention of netizens and viewers online, with many users flooding the post with humorous comments.

Watch the video below:


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