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A Nigerian man has taken to social media to share a video of a surprising scene he witnessed at a bank somewhere in the country.

In the viral clip, the man recorded a lady wearing a revealing bum short paired with a sweatshirt that exposed her derriere.

Expressing shock at the unusual sight, the man captured the back view of the lady to highlight the revealing nature of her outfit.

 Nigerian man expresses

According to the man, the lady was “almost naked,” adding that “Nigeria don scatter o.”

Other bank customers were also seen looking at the woman, and some even went as far as pointing at her exposed backside and legs.

The video has sparked a variety of comments on social media, with many wondering why the lady was dressed like that in public.

Read some comments below,

@iamdanekeh wrote, “Then if someone should harass her, y’all will be fighting for her Right. Some Ladies have no self-respect”

@ladyque wrote, “I want to believe she ran m@d on her way to the bank”

wrote, “Why dress in this manner to an official place? I blame the security for allowing her in.”

@obianuju_priscilla wrote, “I feel this is a bit too much.
A bum short would have been perfect. Oh well, to each his own I guess.”

Watch the clip below,

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